[Infographic] 3 ways your brand’s visual identity can win over customers

A powerful visual identity has many benefits: It stands out. It gives your company personality. It differentiates you from the competition. It’s recognizable and, hopefully, unforgettable. With proper maintenance and cultivation through a defined brand strategy, your marketing materials can attract new customers and position your business for big-time growth. In fact, 60% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands they’re already familiar with, according to Nielsen.

But many organizations struggle with it. Developing and maintaining a strong brand identity that resonates with people can sometimes fall flat. So, we decided to do some research. We discovered compelling tips around the emotional capacity of a color palette, the power of personalizing the customer experience at every touch point, and tricks to help your brand be remembered after every interaction. And we took what we learned and put it in an infographic.

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Find out how to make your visual identity a signature style that will turn heads in our infographic below:

Infographic: 3 ways your brand's visual identity can win over new customers