business stamp loyalty card

How to boost your business with stamps

The ways you can use stamps for your business are countless. Read on to find out how stamps can create a polished and professional brand image without adding significant expenses.

business stamp loyalty card

Types of stamps

Business stamps come in several varieties for different purposes. We have the right stamp for your vision – whether you want to make your marketing more effective or your tasks more efficient.


For a clearer stamp image, consider pre-inking stamps. These business stamps are best for stamping a more detailed picture and if your logo is more complex. They’re also ideal for larger jobs such as product packaging, bulk mail, to-go orders, and more.


Self-inking business stamps work well for offices and administrative work. These stamps don’t need an ink pad and self-ink quickly which makes them great for repetitive jobs. From addressing envelopes to signing invoices, self-inking stamps help you streamline your work processes.

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business stamps for custom packaging
business stamps for custom packaging

4 creative ways to use business stamps

1. Create custom packaging

Stamps allow you to add personality to all of your packages without making a huge investment. Instead of spending on custom packaging, you can build awareness by stamping every box, envelope, or paper bag with your logo. It’s a unique touch that will spark excitement with customers as soon as your package reaches their mailbox.

2. Design stationery and thank you cards

With stamps, you can transform simple stationery into custom thank you cards, note cards, or even holiday cards. All you have to do is add a special stamped
design to the front of a plain card. Include a handwritten message on the inside for an instant way to brighten up your clients’ or employees’ days.

3. Simplify your mail and letterhead

While stamps can be used to create cohesive branded collateral, they’re also a professional-looking time-saver for your repetitive paperwork. Cut down on
tedious work by stamping your name or address onto envelopes, invoices, letterhead, and more.

4. Brand menus, loyalty cards, & more

Cultivate brand recognition by making your mark on any paper product with stamps. The options are endless – from labeling care instructions to sharing your social media handles or rewarding regular customers by stamping loyalty cards.

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