[Infographic] Why your company needs a stellar print marketing strategy

In 2017, marketers have an ever-expanding amount of channels available to them—from paid social media ads to direct mail, and everything in-between. It’s easy to get lost in the digital trends, when in fact, the latest studies show that print marketing can still outperform digital in several key areas. That’s why the savviest marketers understand that a holistic, multi-channel marketing approach includes print to make the largest impact.

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Here at Vistaprint Corporate, we’re committed to helping companies with 10 or more employees create the best print marketing materials for their brand. In this infographic, we explore the neuroscience behind why consumers still respond to print, the comparative response rates between print and digital, and more.  

Check out our infographic below and find out why your company needs a comprehensive print marketing strategy: 

Infographic: Here's why you need to step your print marketing game up