selecting promo products for your business

Selecting promo products for your business

Promotional products are a key opportunity to boost brand awareness in an authentic and real-world way. The right items represent your brand and are useful products your customers will love. Use these tips and tricks to select the best promo products for your business and your audience.

selecting promo products for your business

Four tips for choosing the right giveaway items

What branded promo products will your audience need?

1. Identify your target audience

The first step towards creating a lasting impression with your promo products is to consider who your target audience is. What’s their age? What are their hobbies and interests? What are their pain points? Ask yourself, “What would I want if I was this person?” Customers want to feel valued and that you chose promotional merch with them in mind.

You’ll also want to consider the time and place where you’ll be handing out these products. For example, if you’re targeting professionals at a B2B tradeshow you’re going to need different items than if you’re promoting your fitness studio at a local road race.

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What branded promo products will your audience need?
selecting promo products - Custom hoodies in a variety of colors.
selecting promo products - Custom hoodies in a variety of colors.

2. Set your budget

Next, consider your marketing budget and the amount you can spend on swag. Define a range that you will feel comfortable spending and stick with it. Developing a spend ceiling will help alleviate pressure on your business when it comes to selecting promo products. Take your time and make sure you’re defining a clear budget.

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Backpacks, messenger bags, and more.


We have a wide range of backpacks to keep all your stuff in one place. Finish it off with your logo and create brand awareness on the go.

Multiple colors for can coolers

Can Coolers

Looking for a stylish way to promote your brand on the move? These customizable collapsible can coolers are sure to get your logo noticed with every use.

A variety of colors and sizes in t-shirts


Designing your very own custom-printed T-shirt to create a walking brand ambassador is simple. Available in multiple sizes, styles, and colors.

3. Select a range of products

Once you know your audience and budget, you can start selecting your products. It’s a good idea to have a variety of products on hand ranging from small and lower-priced to high-end and more expensive.

For example, you might give a bottle opener to everyone that makes a purchase, but you’ll give a stainless-steel water bottle to customers that spend a significant amount. Save your splurge promo items for your best customers. You can break apart these selections into 50% small gifts, 25% medium gifts, and 25% large gifts or whatever proportions work for you.

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Branded water bottles or bags showcasing your business.
Bottle openers

Bottle Openers

From frothy beer to fizzy soda, this bottle opener is ready to uncap your favorite drinks. Just add your logo and gift it during your next event.

Vests and outerwear like jackets, hoodies, and more.

Vests & Outerwear

Keep your core warm with our selection of vests. Wear it under a coat or over a long sleeve shirt or hoodie. Just add your logo and promote your brand.

Branded USB flash drives

USB Flash Drives

Handy 8GB memory sticks provide reliable file backup. Customize with your name, logo and contact info.

Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are a go-to favorite for your team. They’re a great alternative to plastic bags – ideal for grocery shopping, running errands and more.

Mugs & Drinkware

Warm up your mornings with a hot cup of coffee in a variety of available mugs. It will serve up your logo and create a daily reminder of your brand.

Custom Keychains

Remind them of your brand every time they go out with custom photo keychains.

Remind them with hang tags and other promo products

4. Create a communication loop.

Lastly, for each item you give away, make sure to include a way for the customer to connect with you after they receive it. Add a call to action to the product, such as an invitation to follow your social media accounts. You can also complement the product with a hanging tag that includes all of your contact information to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with your office.

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promo products in your curated company store

Why ProShop?

With ProShop from Vista Corporate Solutions, shop from hundreds of customizable promotional products from your own online portal. Add your branding and create design templates to ensure consistency across your entire business. Selecting promo products for your business is easy, fast and affordable with ProShop.

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promo products in your curated company store

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