qr code on phone

3 ways to use QR codes for your business

Today, QR codes are more popular than ever. From contactless restaurant menus to touch-free transactions, QR codes are an easy and affordable way to connect with consumers, share information about your business, and provide additional value.

qr code on phone

Marketing with QR codes

QR codes are versatile and used across many different types of marketing collateral – from print flyers to invitations and tradeshow displays. Here are a few of our favorite effective uses of QR codes.

Business card

Your business card is one of the most streamlined ways to share your contact information – and adding a QR code makes it even easier. Up your networking game by including a QR code that directs potential customers to your company’s website or social media page.

QR-coded business cards are particularly handy at tradeshows and events. Attendees can scan your code to easily sign up for a giveaway or fill out their information in a contact form. Some other creative uses include linking to an SMS messaging or email sign-up form. QR destination links can even dial your number or drive to an email with your pre-filled email address.

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qr codes on business card
qr codes on window decal

Window decals

Does your storefront or office have large windows? Take advantage of high-visibility space with QR-coded window decals and capture the attention of foot traffic.

When passersby are interested in your business, all they have to do is scan the code to view your menu, make a reservation, or book an appointment right from their phone. QR codes create a seamless and contactless experience for people to view your class schedule, hours of operation, social media, and so much more.

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Whether you want to share exciting news about your business around town or add visual interest to your walls, printed posters are a great way to do so. Generate additional engagement and excitement by adding QR codes to your posters.

Encourage customers to sign up for an upcoming event or share exciting news and product launches. You can even drive to a customer survey platform to collect feedback and offer a discount code to incentivize customers to share their experiences. With a QR code, you can easily track engagement to see the offer’s effectiveness.

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Perks of QR codes on marketing materials

qr codes for self service

Customer self-service

One of the biggest advantages of QR codes is that they allow customers to have a quick and efficient experience with your business. Customers can make reservations or pay by phone without having to wait in line. A seamless experience means more happy customers.

qr codes provide flexibility


QR codes provide flexibility to marketing plans because you can pivot and change the QR code’s online destination without having to reprint your materials. They provide the opportunity to rotate content to your consumers cost-effectively.

qr codes provide analytics for businesses


QR codes also offer great tracking capabilities, including tracking when and where your customers use your QR code. Since you can update the code’s destination, you can test out new offers, products, or links to see what works best with your audience.

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