Frequently Asked Questions

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Overview of Vistaprint Corporate Solutions

What is Vistaprint Corporate Solutions?

Vistaprint Corporate Solutions serves the custom print and promotional product needs of larger businesses. Whether you need to place a one-time order or regularly purchase a range of customizable products, Vistaprint Corporate Solutions saves you time and money via its innovative technology solution.

How is Vistaprint Corporate Solutions different from

Vistaprint Corporate Solutions serves small-to-large-sized companies that need a streamlined solution for ordering business identity collateral, marketing materials and promotional products. This is a separate offering from the public website,, which is ideal for the needs of individuals
and micro-businesses.

Can I use coupons on the Vistaprint Corporate Solutions ProShop?

Vistaprint Corporate Solutions does not honor coupons from Rather, VCS offers everyday low prices through corporate-level pricing.

Signing In

How do I access my online ProShop?

You can access your ProShop through a unique URL provided by your company. Please bookmark this page for your convenience.

How do I log into my online ProShop?

All users must register before accessing their ProShop. Once you are registered, you can login by entering your username and password. Please note that your Vistaprint Corporate Solutions online ProShop is different from any other Vistaprint accounts you may have. You must create a new account to access the ProShop.

I don’t have a Vistaprint Corporate Solutions account yet. How do I register?

Your online ProShop has a unique registration link. Please navigate to your unique URL and add /register to the end of the link to register. It will look something like You will be prompted to create a username and password.

I forgot my password. Can I reset it?

To reset your password, proceed to your ProShop URL and click on forgot password. Remember, your new Vistaprint Corporate Solutions account is not associated with your login. You must create a new account.

Product Selection

How can I make an edit to an existing template?

Your company has designed and placed specific templates on your ProShop that satisfy brand needs and come equipped with customizable fields. If you have questions, please see the support tab for information about how to reach our support team.

How can I get a new product template on my ProShop?

Your company has selected specific products to be available on your ProShop. If there is a product you would like to see, please contact your company with this request.

How can I choose a different paper stock?

Your company has set up product templates with a specific paper stock preference. If made available, you can select different paper stocks during check out.

Batch Order

Is it possible to order for multiple people at once?

If you are interested in ordering for multiple people, the batch order feature can make this very easy! Batch order is not available for all products. If you have questions regarding this, please reach out to our support team.

How do I use batch order?

To start a batch order, select Create Batch Order on a template. Once you click Create Batch Order, you will be given three instructions. First, download an excel spreadsheet and fill in the appropriate text fields. Second, save the document to your computer. Lastly, upload the excel document by selecting Choose File. Once you complete these three steps, you will have the chance to preview the full order before adding it to your cart.

Order History

I am unable to find my portfolio when I log into my ProShop. Where can I find it?

Your Vistaprint Corporate Solutions account is separate from your account. Therefore, you will not be able to access your portfolio. Once you start placing orders through your online ProShop, your order history will be available, and you can easily reorder.

Customer Support

I have a question regarding my order, who can I speak with?

We are here to help! Call us at 1.844.462.9288 or email us at [email protected] for questions about your order, ProShop assistance, and account information.

Face Masks & Shields

Are these masks acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can health care professionals use them against COVID-19?

This product is not a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE) and has not been FDA or Health Canada cleared or approved. However, this product has been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use by healthcare providers in healthcare settings as to help slow the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do these masks help prevent COVID-19 from spreading?

Governments and health agencies in different countries have different perspectives. Some believe that face masks worn in public, can help flatten the curve. Others have publicly said that masks do not play a significant role in this effort. When considering whether masks are right for you, we recommend you consult your country’s latest national and regional guidelines.

What are disposable face masks made of?

These single-use fabric masks are made of non-woven polyester and elastic ear bands. The polyester has three layers: a hydrophobic outer layer, melt-blown middle layer and soft, absorbent inner layer.

Can I reuse these face masks?

No. These masks are intended for single use only. If you’re interested in reusable face masks, we do offer machine-washable masks with replaceable nanofilter systems.

How should I put on a face mask?

To put on your mask, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Wash hands with soap, water or hand sanitizer before touching your mask.
  2. Raise your mask to nose level. Place each of the loops around the appropriate ear.
  3. Pull down the bottom of your mask, so that it covers your mouth and chin.
  4. Press the upper edge of the mask along the shape of your nose.

What’s the best way to take off a face mask?

To take off your mask, we recommend you:

  1. Wash hands with soap and water before touching your mask. (You may also use hand sanitizer.)
  2. Reach your hands back to touch the elastic loop behind each ear. Be sure not to touch the front of your mask – it may be contaminated.
  3. Pulling the elastic bands back at the same time, lift the mask off your face.
  4. Clean your hands again, using soap and water. (Again, you may use hand sanitizer.)

Are these face shields acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can healthcare professionals use them as protection against COVID-19?

These face shields are designed for personal use in non-medical settings. While they may provide some benefit to health care providers and the general public, they are not FDA or Health Canada-regulated products or personal protective equipment (PPE). These face shields are not intended for any use related to antimicrobial or antiviral protection, infection prevention or reduction or radiation protection.

Am I able to wear anything under this face shield?

Yes, a face mask and eyewear (like goggles or glasses) fit under the face shield without blocking your vision.

Am I able to re-use this face shield?

We recommend using this face shield only once. After any use or contamination, please discard.

How should I put on my face shield? And what’s the best way to remove it?

We recommend following these tips on how to put on and take off your face shields.

How do you put on your face shield?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the shield.
  2. Raise the shield to your face, then place the cushion foam bar against your forehead.
  3. Place the elastic strap over the crown of your head.
  4. Adjust the strap so the shield fits over your entire face and is comfortable.

How do you remove your face shield?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the shield.
  2. Reach back to touch the elastic strap. Do not touch the front of your shield (it may be contaminated).
  3. Lift the elastic strap up and over your head, and remove the shield from your face.
  4. Discard your face shield.
  5. Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitizer).

Do your safety face shields come in custom sizes or colors?

No. We currently only offer one size (8.75″ x 13″) and one color (clear plastic).

Do these face shields come pre-assembled?

Yes – and they come equipped with a foam band and elastic headband.

Can I donate face shields to my local hospital or medical care facility?

If you are interested in donating these safety face shields, we recommend you first contact the hospital or facility to see whether they are accepting donations – and if so, what kind of face shields they will accept. Please keep in mind that these face shields are intended for personal use – they do not meet FDA or Health Canada regulatory standards determined for medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) products.

These face shields should not be used in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. The following materials will contact your body: the elastic strap (polyethylene terephthalate with fiber/fibre finish) and foam bar (polyurethane foam).