high end business cards

The best high-end business cards

Your business card is a powerful tool. The right one creates a lasting impression with all of the new connections you meet. With premium business cards printed on high-end paper stock, you can represent your brand effectively and build trust with potential clients.

high end business cards
select the right paper stock
select the right paper stock

Why is choosing the right
paper stock important?

Since your business card is a reflection of the products or services you offer, selecting a sturdy paper stock is key. Printing on flimsy paper can leave the impression that your products are poor quality while a thick card helps demonstrate your brand’s credibility. Textured papers provide extra weight and an interesting feel to your card as you hand them out. Plus, it will last without getting ripped or bent before a new client can use it.
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bamboo paper stock


Sourced from cotton and one of the earth’s fastest-growing plants, bamboo business cards are soft to the touch. They have a natural, woven texture that works best with lighter colors and designs. The look and feel of this special paper is designed to help your cards stand out from more traditional business cards.

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bamboo paper stock

Types of paper

matte paper stock


The low-contrast finish reduces glare and deepens colors, making it a great option for readability and modern designs.

glossy paper stock


This reflective paper is eye-catching and works well with designs that have bright logos or professional headshots.

uncoated paper stock


If you like adding handwritten notes to your business card, uncoated paper is the go-to option.

hemp paper
hemp paper


With a distinctive look and extra durability, hemp cards are an exciting alternative paper option.
They are made with fibers from several different sources: hemp, post-consumer recycled paper, and responsibly forested wood. The result is a creamy paper stock with eye-catching fibers that add a natural, textured feel.

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embossed gloss finish

Embossed gloss

Elevate every shipment you send with custom designed mailer boxes, pouches, and more.

foil finish


With a foil business card, you can add shiny accents that highlight text, logos, and more.

raised foil finish

Raised foil

Create a high-end feel and help your design pop with a reflective gold or silver finish.

high end business cards

Don’t forget:

When creating your business card, avoid adding too much clutter to the design. Keep it simple and sleek – introduce yourself and your business and provide an easy way for clients to contact you.

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high end business cards

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