6 creative ways to use postcards

While small and portable, postcards are a versatile marketing tool that make an impact. Whether you mail them or hand them out, postcards help to create connections with customers and potential customers. Here, discover 6 ways you can use postcards a little differently to boost brand awareness and drive your business forward.

Get your message out there with postcards

1. Remind them of upcoming service

Whether you’re a landscaper or pet groomer, a reminder postcard is a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind. Send a postcard in the mail to remind customers of upcoming appointments or a recommended service date. Just leave a blank spot on your postcard design where you can fill in each recipient’s appointment information.

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2. Introduce team members

For industries where building trust is crucial, such as dental, medical, or childcare, you can introduce your team members via postcard. Along with their name and contact information, include a photo to help potential customers put faces to the names of your staff and feel comfortable contacting them. With professional attire and a friendly expression, your organization will look trustworthy and reputable.

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Design tip: Leaving a little bit of white space on your card not only draws the eye to important details, but also gives you space to jot down a note if needed.

3. Build excitement for events and grand openings

Opening up a new location in town? Send a postcard to residents to generate excitement for your grand opening. If you’re hosting a special event, they’re also an easy and cost-effective way to spread the word.

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4. Share client testimonials

Create confidence with potential clients by using your direct mail postcard to share testimonials, ratings, or Yelp and Google reviews. Testimonials are a great way to demonstrate the value you provide or highlight your customer service. Invite your recipients to view more testimonials on your website where they’ll have the opportunity to continue learning about your brand.

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Design tip: Don’t forget to choose the right paper stock for your piece. A glossy finish will make colors and photos pop while also holding up best to bending and folding. If you want to add a handwritten message to your card, choose a matte finish.

5. Say thank you

Use a branded postcard to say ‘thank you’ to customers for their business. Tuck one inside of their online orders or send one in the mail after they complete a service with you. You can also add a referral code or a discount code for their next order. It’s an added personal touch that customers are sure to recognize and appreciate.

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Design tip: Add a QR code to drive customers directly to your website and make ordering again easy. QR codes are also beneficial because you can track results and see how many orders your postcard generated.

6. Make it stick with a magnet

Keep your logo and contact information front and center with customers by using a magnetic postcard. Long-lasting and highly visible, postcard magnets work great for real estate agents, restaurants, or home service businesses.

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