4 ways to use business cards differently

A thoughtfully designed business card creates connections – but there are so many other ways this marketing tool can benefit your business. Here’s 4 ways to help you think about how to use business cards differently.

four ways to use business cards differently with ProShop

The Power of the Business Card

Let your card work twice as hard for you by adding something extra for your customers. To stand out from the crowd, consider these creative ways to use your business cards differently.

1. Loyalty Card

A little incentive can go a long way. With custom loyalty cards, you can turn any customer into a regular. Reward repeat business with a free item or service once a customer reaches a set number of stamps or punches.

Beyond reinforcing your brand, loyalty cards add a level of fun and satisfaction to the customer experience. Each time they get a new stamp, they’ll be encouraged to come back again and again. Whether your business is a coffee shop or a car wash, loyalty cards can make the difference between a patron choosing your business over a competitor.

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Design tip: If you’re planning to use ink stamps, make sure the card is a light color so the stamp will show up. Also, choose a matte finish to ensure the ink won’t smudge.

Loyalty cards - use business cards differently
Coupon voucher - use business cards differently

2. Coupon or voucher

One way to make sure a potential customer hangs on to your contact information is by including a discount code. Add a percentage-off discount, a buy-one get-one-free offer, or a gift voucher. Hand our cards out at tradeshows to capture the attention of prospects or give them to first-time customers to get them excited for their next purchase.

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Design tip: When it comes to including a promo on your business cards, don’t overdo the design. A simple layout and bold font choice will let your promotion shine.  

3. Appointment card

The back of a business card is the perfect blank space to remind clients of upcoming meetings and appointments. While text reminders work well, keeping a card in a wallet or hung up on a fridge helps your appointment remain top-of-mind. If you’re a mechanic, landscaper, or other service technician, appointment cards can also be used to remind customers of when they should have regular maintenance completed.

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Design tip: To minimize no-shows, add a message such as, “If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance.

appointment card - use business cards differently
product teaser - use business cards differently

4. Product or service teaser

Build excitement for a new product, service, or feature on the back of your business cards. Give customers some insider information on what’s next for your business with a short teaser and a “coming soon” message.  You might even add a QR code linking to a hidden page on your website with details on the new feature.

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Design tip: Make sure to pick a paper stock that fits your brand aesthetic. For example, extra-thick paper adds a luxurious touch, while recycled kraft paper gives a more organic feel.

Why ProShop?

With ProShop from Vista Corporate Solutions, customize business cards from your own branded online store. Shop from hundreds of other print marketing and promotional products and maintain brand consistency across your business with ease.  

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