Brochure folds: 3 types and how to use them

Brochures are the perfect print piece to convey what your products or services are all about. In this article, explore 3 brochure folds and learn more about which one is right for your message.

which brochure fold is right for me

Choosing the right brochure type

bi fold brochures


A simple and classic way to highlight your business is the bi-fold brochure. Bi-folds have a single crease down the middle, creating a total of four panels for information. They’re ideal for sharing a single message or essential information about your business. Although it’s a compact design, there’s room for you to add photos, service offerings, customer testimonials, and more.

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The layout options are endless with popular tri-fold brochures. These feature six panels – three on the front and three on the back with ample space to add content. They’re a great choice for presenting information sequentially as the folds give the feeling that you’re unraveling a story. The format is also often used for event programs or product catalogs.

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tri fold brochures
z fold brochures


A z-fold brochure, also known as an accordion fold, is a great alternative to a traditional tri-fold brochure. This type of brochure also has six panels, but they fold in on each other in a zigzag pattern. The design allows you to guide readers through a sequential narrative, perfect for timelines or instructional guides.

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