Roundtable with Don: Why Vistaprint Corporate? – Part 2

Vistaprint Corporate is reinventing the way larger organizations procure custom printed products.

In a series of ongoing roundtable interviews with Vistaprint Corporate leadership team, we are exploring the story behind this company and the challenges it is trying to solve. Today, we sat down with Don Leblanc, the President of Vistaprint Corporate, to learn about the unique needs of Vistaprint Corporate customers and how the company is addressing these needs.

Q: Don, you’ve explained earlier that Vistaprint Corporate customers tend to be medium and large companies, with ten or more employees. What are the challenges that these companies experience when they procure and manage their business identity products versus smaller businesses?

A: It’s a few things. The first one is that larger organizations develop a brand or a business identity. They spend a lot of time and energy building their brand, creating a logo and a whole set of assets that represent their company. As such, they want everyone within the company to use the right logo and the right assets. However, as you grow that becomes harder and harder because with distributed workforces or multiple departments it’s just hard to make sure that everyone is using the right templates and the right products.

Another challenge is that the expectations of quality go up as the companies get larger. Whether you’re ordering a set of business cards, or polo shirts with your embroidered logo on it, or banners, you just look for much higher quality of execution. This is reflective of the fact that as you grow and you’ve invested in building your brand identity, you want the physical product to reflect that as well.

Q: So would you say that the type of printing that large companies require is also different from the small companies?

A: Yes, one basic example is that a lot of the small business print tends to be C.M.Y.K. printing. It is a very established printing technology that works in most cases. But, it doesn’t have the consistency across many different runs. As a result, you might see that one blue doesn’t look like the same blue the next time you run the print. However, as companies grow, and invest in their business identity, they will end up with Pantone or spot color. That is a much more precise way to print.  From a color perspective, it allows you to match those colors over many different runs.

So overall, as the companies grow, they tend to invest in better print technologies as well as higher quality products to support and elevate their brand.

Q: And why do companies choose Vistaprint Corporate today?

There are several key reasons and, again, it goes back to how we’re different than just  Let’s begin with the ordering process, which is certainly different in a large company than a small company. In a larger company, when you have one person who might be an office manager or department designee who is ordering for ten, twenty, fifty, people, you need a set of tools to support the ordering process.

We at Vistaprint Corporate built a proprietary platform that has that set of tools. For example, we have approval flows: while any employee can place an order, that order won’t actually get released until that central person approves it. And that’s a specific example of functionality that our customers want.

The second reason goes back to the brand control. Our ordering platform flexes to the unique needs of the company. We take a company’s logo, put it onto specified products and templates but only allow customization of certain fields. Or in some cases, no customization, depending on what the product is. For example, an employee might be able to change a name and phone number on a business card but they can’t change anything about the logo itself. That has to remain constant in the same spot etc. This notion of having to find templates and lock down artwork is really important for our clients.

As far as product quality is concerned, we strive to offer a range of products in each category. Our customers can continue to get the basic value products, similar to But, if they want something of a higher quality we will offer that, as well, as part of our curated assortment.

Lastly, I would add the service component of Vistaprint Corporate. Our clients are larger organizations, and we tend to have more of a one to one relationship with dedicated account managers. You can call them directly. They’ll address any questions you might have about new products or your orders. We realized that this relationship aspect is really important to our target audience and we are putting a lot of emphasis on it in our growing organization.

Thank you, Don. It sounds like you are building a rather comprehensive solution for your customers – where technology, products and service come together. Sounds exciting and we’ll stay in touch!