Brand consistency: Set up your team for success with these 3 tips

Every company has their own horror story of branding efforts gone awry. Like the time the tradeshow postcards were printed with an old logo, or when an entire set of business cards arrived with the wrong colors and font. Sound familiar?

Brand consistency is the accurate representation of your company through a well-defined visual identity. When every branded asset you create reflects your company’s most up-to-date logo and color palette, it is more likely to resonate with your customers.

But the truth is, maintaining your company’s brand consistency isn’t the job of a single person. Once you set the right foundation, it’s up to the entire team to uphold the integrity of your company’s identity.

Here’s how key team members can help make sure your brand is uniformly represented, time and time again.

The office manager

The office manager is probably one of the most efficient employees in your office. Although they may always appear to be juggling multiple requests from various employees, they do it all with a superhuman level of ease. And when it comes to contributing to brand protection, they’re no different. From front-desk flyers to welcome kits for new hires, the office manager makes sure the office is stocked with branded goodies.

The key to streamlining this aspect of their role is giving them an easy way to order materials—whenever they need to. Here’s two ways to ensure your office manager can do their part:

  • Use templates. Every branded asset should have a preset design template so that your brand’s look and feel is locked down. When office managers can order from a template, it becomes as easy as customize and submit.
  • Stick to one platform. By housing your company’s designs, templates, and past orders in one easy-to-access place, you’ll avoid human error and make ordering another efficient task on their list of to-dos.

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The marketing manager

Your marketing manager is the gatekeeper of your brand. They care deeply about how the company is represented and spend a lot of time making sure their team is equipped with the tools and resources to maintain brand consistency. It’s no secret that brand control is front-of-mind for them. In fact, their ability to control their brand greatly depends on their ability to execute campaigns with an assortment of high-quality assets.

Marketing managers are at the top of their game when their teams have everything they need to accurately project the brand’s identity. Here are tips to make this a reality for your marketing manager:

  • Keep assets organized. Errors can mistakenly seep into print materials when the latest assets aren’t organized in one place. Do a content audit, and label latest versions so outdated files never make it to print.
  • Communicate brand updates. The bane of a marketing manager’s existence is seeing an old logo or previous brand colors on a freshly printed marketing material. Establish a process to educate everyone on any changes to your brand.

The creative designer

The quality of your branding is the responsibility of the creative designer. When it comes to producing branded assets, there may be a time when your designer’s bandwidth is strapped and you need outside help. It can be challenging to ensure the colors, fonts, and overall quality are up to snuff with an external partner before things are blotted in ink.

A creative designer is most content when a finished printed product looks as good as the digital version. Here are two industry best practices for ensuring brand consistency and maintaining high design standards:

  • Set design guidelines. Determining specific design requirements for everything from fonts and colors to layout gives creative folks control to execute on their high standards and the company’s brand vision.
  • Give your design team approval power. When your creative designers are unavailable, you want to trust that your chosen custom print solution can do the job. Give them the key to review and approve outside vendors.

Gaining brand control is a team effort. Set the right foundation for success with managed access to the brand resources your team needs, whenever they need them.